We are currently working towards establishing a local circus school / shop / performance venue here in Tacoma. We are starting the enterprise with an enrichment program as to keep costs low as well as a biweekly circus, flow, and fire gathering to be announced. We are currently in communication with the city regarding the permitting and legalization of the use of fire at these gatherings and all things are looking hopeful for the near future. Our enterprise also was recently got accepted into SpaceWorks an initiative of the city of Tacoma and pierce county chamber of commerce to assist creative entrepreneurs in starting small business in Tacoma and hopefully with their help we can expand this enterprise into a sustainable resource for the development of circus related skills    https://tacomamagiccircus.wordpress.com/

please support our program here at you caring and/or pateron



Local circus schools or skill shares are all around you!! Just google, facebook, meetup it.. There are many more!

Seattle school of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts

Emerald City Trapeze (Seattle)

My own series of tutorials I’m working on will be coming soon!! on my youtube channel 

..Also please consider funding @ pateron.com/circusart

Shout out to recordsetter.com making it accessible for everyone to be the best at something!

record setter (Most Catches Juggling Three Balls While Riding A Unicycle)

Record setter (Most Musical Instruments Played While Riding A Unicycle)uniii

Shout out to Terry the unigeezer my old riding buddy!!

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